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Engage, Inform, Connect

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Running a conference can be a strategic move for any company, offering a platform to showcase expertise, innovation, and thought leadership.


As a professional conference organiser, we utilise our network of sustainable suppliers to create, manage and deliver successful conferences around the globe. From event strategy, event design and event management, we work closely with our clients to deliver conference that achieve objectives and create a positive impact on the planet.

Our conference services provide real value, achieving the desired outcomes and creating unforgettable experiences for your audience.


Why should you consider running a conference?



Networking has often been ranked by attendees as the most important factor when attending events. Conferences can offer perfect opportunities for networking, bringing together industry professionals, potential clients, customers and partners under one roof. Through networking, attendees can share ideas surrounding the meeting content, gain insights, and discover new perspectives that can propel their careers forward. And in the modern age, AI can be used to facilitate networking, as algorithms compare profiles and interests collected at registration, and match the best suited profiles or suppliers.


Thought Leadership

Hosting a conference allows a company to position itself as a leader in its field, showcasing expertise, insights, and innovations to an engaged audience. Having a line up of inspiring plenary speakers will solidify your brand and showcase your strategic thinking, knowledge and ability. Positioning yourself as a leader in your industry brings various benefits including interest from emerging talent, prospective clients and innovative suppliers.


Brand Exposure

A well-executed conference provides significant brand exposure, attracting attention from both attendees, press and industry professionals, thereby increasing brand visibility and recognition. Incorporating carefully considered event production, set design and branding can increase your reputation and leave a lasting impression amongst delegates.


Lead Generation

Conferences are an excellent way of gathering leads, providing a platform to engage with potential customers, seek out opportunities, and nurture relationships throughout the event. There are a lot of ways to facilitate lead generation during a conference including gamification, AI matchmaking and carefully considered session types. After the event, you have the ability to follow up with these leads using carefully curated marketing campaigns.


Knowledge Sharing

Running a conference facilitates the exchange of knowledge and ideas, encouraging collaboration and learning among industry colleagues, which can lead to new insights and opportunities for growth. Expert speakers, engaging presentations and dynamic networking mean your audience can leave equipped with relevant insights and knowledge.

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Dedicated to delivering the best experiences - Enhance your conference with experts in engagement!

We're conference management experts

Our event managers plan every aspect of the conference, from venue selection to agenda development, creating a seamless experience for attendees. With a dedicated friendly team by your side, we look to stay one step ahead to plan and deliver a successful conference for all our clients. Get in touch below to make your next event a success!

What our clients say?

Pharmaceutical Client


"I had the pleasure of working with Zentive on an international event. They were very attentive and full of great ideas to make the event as engaging as sustainable as possible. They were very friendly and professional and added value at every stage of the planning and execution process. I am looking forward to working with them again."

Case Study - Sustainable Conference & Awards

We were tasked with gathering delegates from several European countries for a two day conference and awards evening to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of a mobile game. Our aim was to create a seamless delegate experience while ensuring the event was as sustainable as possible and left a lasting impact on attendees.

King - Awards Evening February 2024-183-min.jpg
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Need a sustainable approach to your next conference?

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