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We Are Committed To Sustainability

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As a business that was built on environmental sustainability values, sustainability runs through the core of everything we do.

We pro-actively make sustainable decisions at both a company level and throughout our event deliveries to ensure we continue working towards a Net Zero future.


At a company level, we have pledged to the United Nations Race to Zero, have committed to halving our greenhouse gas emissions within five years whilst disclosing our progress on a yearly basis and are constantly brainstorming new ideas to improve.


At an event level, we measure and offset greenhouse gas emissions when possible and are committed to reducing our emissions and waste across our events with the aim of being Net Zero and operating Circular Events by 2030.

You can find out exactly how we will go about doing this in our Environmental Sustainability Policy.

Garbage Recycling

Implementing sustainable changes to an event can save money and reduce budget requirements.


Sourcing local food and vendors will reduce costs as well as the event’s carbon footprint.


Utilising technology to reduce print requirements and lower your carbon footprint from the start.

Achieving Our Aims

We have planned out a number of ways to deliver our commitments by focusing on several key areas at both a company level and throughout all our event deliveries.

How we do things differently...



We use sustainable practises at every stage of the event management process to ensure your event emits as little carbon as possible and creates a positive impact on the world.



Sustainable suppliers are the cornerstone of a sustainable event. We have knowledge and relationships that can decrease carbon through these suppliers in a cost-effective way, whether it be transport, activities or venues.


Carbon Neutral

We can calculate and offset all unavoidable carbon emissions to ensure your event is classed as carbon neutral, or even carbon negative.

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Need a sustainable approach to your next event?

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