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Filming a hybrid event

Hybrid Events

Expand Your Audience

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One of the best ways of expanding your target audience whilst being restricted to venue capacities and budget is to turn your live event into a hybrid.


By blending technology with our event management practices, we enable you to not only stream out content to a wider global audience, but to effectively communicate and network in real time with attendees from around the world.


As with virtual events, we are not a ‘one platform fits all’ kind of company. As a hybrid event agency, we take your brief of requirements and find the best solution that will enhance your event experience for both your audience and presenters. We use a number of cutting-edge technology platforms to immerse your audience in your event from the comfort of their home.

Image by Evangeline Shaw

Why should you consider running a hybrid event?


Maximise your target audience globally at a fraction of the cost


Reduce your carbon footprint on the planet


Enhanced data collection in comparison to an in-person event


Increase your audience numbers with no capacity restrictions


Provide recorded sessions post-event and keep the legacy alive

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Need a sustainable approach to your next hybrid event?

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