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London Events Agency

Creating events that benefit both people and planet.

From boutique gatherings to large-scale conferences, we create sustainable events that help you connect, inspire and motivate your audience whilst leaving a lasting positive impact on the world

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We are an events agency in London focused on doing good.

By integrating technology, collaborating with charitable organisations and following sustainable event practices, we plan and deliver events that help engage audiences in an effective and responsible way. Whether it be an internal company conference or a community driven CSR incentive trip, our team of creative experts deliver impactful event programs that leave you fulfilled and inspired.

As one of London's leading event agencies, we believe in constantly pushing the boundaries of event planning and execution, embracing cutting-edge technologies, creative concepts, and immersive experiences. Our goal is to ensure that each event we organise leaves a lasting impact on attendees, participants, all stakeholders along the value chain, and the planet.

We prioritise ethical sourcing, minimising waste, and promoting diversity and inclusion at all stages of event planning. Our holistic approach ensures that our events not only provide exceptional experiences but also leave a positive legacy on the communities and environments they touch.

From our events agency in London, we've created and delivered events for a range of clients, from global brands to growing businesses.

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Why Zentive?




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We are passionate about ensuring future generations can enjoy our world by reducing our impact on the environment. Not only do we create events using sustainable practices, but our events directly encourage sustainable behaviour.

We utilise cutting-edge technology to increase attendee engagement, improve health & safety, achieve greater data reporting and complement our sustainable practices. This technology is integrated into our events to create a seamless experience.

We believe companies should have a positive influence on the world. We help them achieve this by creating events that give back to the local community, improve environmental sustainability and contribute to social impact projects.

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"It has been an absolute pleasure working with the Zentive team and I hope to work with them again in the near future. Thank you for producing a successful event!"
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Get to Know Us

Zentive is a sustainable London events agency that look at every stage of the event management process with sustainability in mind, proactively making sustainable changes during the conception, planning, delivery and review of the event.

Inspire Your Next Event

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