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Venue Sourcing

Discover the Perfect Venue for Your Event


One of the most effective ways of running a sustainable event is by using sustainable suppliers including the hotels and venues where you have your event. We have established close relationships with eco-friendly hotel brands within the UK and across the world which puts us in a perfect position to source your venue in line with your requirements and vision.


As a sustainable events company, we source only eco-friendly venues that share the same values whilst negotiating rates and ensuring suitability. We look at several different elements of the venue including their energy-saving measures, food & beverage options and sustainability policies.


As one of the first steps in the event management process, it is essential that the choice of venue is right, and our team of venue sourcing experts will work with you to ensure this happens, whilst meeting your objectives.

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Tropical Leaves

Some of our favourite venues

Image by Marten Bjork

Looking for a sustainable venue in the UK? Check out our blog that showcases some of the most sustainable hotels we’ve come across in the country.

What makes a sustainable venue?


Elimination of all single use plastics


Certifications such as LEED and BREEAM


Energy saving measures and systems


Powered by renewable energy


Non-toxic and natural products and materials

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Need a sustainable venue for your next event?

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