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Corporate Events Planner London

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Build Your Brand

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Corporate events are a proven way to benefit a business or brand by enhancing visibility, strengthening relationships, and encouraging employee engagement.


These events provide a platform to showcase products, share company values, and network with industry leaders and clients. By offering unique and impactful experiences, corporate events help build brand loyalty, generate positive publicity, and create opportunities for meaningful interactions that drive business growth and reinforce brand identity.

With over 20 years of corporate event experience, we support you in developing your brief and vision before delivering your desired event. With a supportive and friendly team by your side, let your next event project be an enjoyable and professional experience!

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Examples of Corporate Events

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Share knowledge, network, and discuss industry trends.


Award Shows

Recognise employee achievements, boosting motivation and morale.

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Offsite events aimed at team building, strategic planning, and employee relaxation.

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CSR Events

Activities that promote social good and enhance the company’s community involvement.

Product Launches

Introduce new products or services to the market, generating excitement and media coverage.


Incentive Travel

Offer travel experiences as motivation and recognition for exceptional performance.


Networking Events

Connect, build relationships, and explore business opportunities.

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Showcase products and services to potential clients and partners.

We're corporate event experts

Extensive experience, specialised knowledge and a network of professional suppliers are just some of the reasons we can confidently call ourselves the experts. With a deep understanding of corporate event goals, we excel in planning, managing and delivering events that align with business objectives. Get in touch by clicking the button below for an obligation-free proposal and budget!

Corporate Event Testimonials

Pharmaceutical Client


"I had the pleasure of working with Zentive on an international event. They were very attentive and full of great ideas to make the event as engaging as sustainable as possible. They were very friendly and professional and added value at every stage of the planning and execution process. I am looking forward to working with them again."

​Inspire Your Next Corporate Event

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Need a sustainable approach to your next corporate event?

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