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Sustainable Event Consulting

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Meet Sustainable Best Practice

Zentive is committed to creating impactful and environmentally responsible events as well as contributing towards industry education and increasing sustainable value across the events sphere.

We can provide expert guidance and support your organisation in creating sustainable events, transforming your event planning processes, and integrating sustainability best practices into your business.

With extensive international experience working with both non-profit and private organisations, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that each sector presents.

Who is sustainable event consulting for?

Whether you deliver corporate conferences, host virtual events or webinars, sponsor sporting events, are a master of music events or festivals, or execute at an exhibition venue, our consultants have the knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your sustainable objectives and deliver regenerative goals.

Our interdisciplinary approach to sustainability ensures that your events meet your desired standards while remaining engaging and memorable for all attendees and stakeholders.

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How do events impact people and the planet?

The climate crisis and environmental emergency are both complex interconnected challenges. Science tells us that human activity, the systems in which we consume and adapt our environment, is pushing the delicate ecological balance of our planet beyond its tipping points.

It's the food we eat, how we travel, how we power our work and play. It's how we create new experiences and what happens to the products when those experiences are through.

The event industry is no outlier to this. By their nature, the event, hospitality, and tourism industries cultivate points of intense consumption and change or extract from resources or the environment for temporary gain.

The growing imperative for sustainable events

Organisations around the world are increasingly looking to increase their sustainability credentials. Responsibility for social and environmental sustainability is being driven both intrinsically and by mandate. As individuals across disciplines grapple with the challenge of adapting to save the future of our planet, legislation and regulation are also catalysing change.

More and more sectors are seeking to deliver a sustainable event in their industry as a good marketing tool to demonstrate their sustainable values. However, there is far more to it than just the good PR of looking after our world.

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How can we change events management to make our events sustainable?

The industry is beginning to catch the wave of a turning tide of behaviour change. How we do events now and in the future must evolve constantly in the following ways to ensure the survival of the industry itself, and of course, our planet. There are many ways we can change our approach to event planning. But it requires a sustained long-term vision to reap the benefits


Venue and Catering

Making sensible sustainable choices around the venue, food produce, and catering; tackling waste by promoting responsible recycling and circularity practices throughout the event management process.



Creating integrated solutions for your organisations and clients, helping to reduce emissions.



Sustainable temporary energy solutions, choosing venues that purchase renewable energy, and implementing solutions to use less energy.



Discovering cutting-edge solutions enables your organisation to become a founder or first mover.


Advocacy and Education

You and your event team can inspire new ways of working and behaviour change.

Why work with Zentive for your next event?

When you work with Zentive, you become a part of a strong collaborative and supportive community and benefit from robust, co-creational support from our skilled team. A team with over 15 years of experience, we have the knowledge and skill to support you in reaching the highest sustainability standards including ISO20121, ISO 14001, B-Corp. Qualified in PRINCE2 and CISL, you can be confident you are in competent and trustworthy hands.

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Need expert guidance for your next event?

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