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About Us

We create and deliver eco-friendly and sustainable events to connect and motivate your employees whilst fostering a culture of advancement, connection and social responsibility.

We are Zentive

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We love events. We love creating events. But we also want to create events that produce a positive social impact, accelerate technological innovation and follow sustainable practices to ensure a brighter future for generations to come.

Zentive is an event agency that does all that and more. We help build your event programs with a focus on technology and sustainability, ensuring that your employees feel empowered, satisfied and committed. We can provide CSR activities that can be done in the morning or afternoon of a day, but leave a lasting impact for years.

And we also like to have fun. We believe enjoying our work will enable us to get the best results. We're a friendly team and love to have a laugh when the time is right. Our sense of humour is just as strong as our passion for events.


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Our events focus on 3 key areas



We are passionate about ensuring future generations can enjoy our world by reducing our impact on the environment. Not only do we create events using sustainable practices, but our events directly encourage sustainable behaviour.



We utilise cutting-edge technology to increase attendee engagement, improve health & safety, achieve greater data reporting and complement our sustainable practices. This technology is integrated into our events to create a seamless experience.


Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe companies should have a positive influence on the world. We help them achieve this by creating events that give back to the local community, improve environmental sustainability and contribute to charity projects.

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Core Team

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Lee Hird
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Dedicated to all things events, Lee's advocation for improving sustainability within events is the driving factor for any programme he delivers.

Dominic Richards
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Passionate and hungry when it comes to event technology, sustainability and Mexican food. Dominic thrives off creating the next big event idea.