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Reward & Motivate Your Employees

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Incentive travel trips are created to inspire, motivate and reward attendees. They have been proven to increase productivity, build employee loyalty, boost ROI and are widely recognised to leave a longer lasting impression than cash incentives.

Far from the traditional travel incentive, we design our incentive trips with sustainability in mind, reducing carbon emissions whilst also leaving a positive impact on the destination of choice. We work closely with location specialists to include CSR and sustainability elements within our programmes.

Although it could be argued that there is no such thing as sustainable incentive travel, we use a variety of methods and suppliers to ensure your incentive travel program is as sustainable as possible. 


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Research has shown that companies that effectively incentivise their employees tend to have 50% higher sales, 38% higher productivity and 27% higher profits.

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Tropical Leaves

Popular Destinations

Tropical Leaves

Popular Destinations

How we do things differently...



We will work with you to find the ideal destination whilst also finding local suppliers, working with eco-friendly hotels and venues and using low-carbon travel where possible.



Sustainable suppliers are the cornerstone of a sustainable incentive travel program. We have knowledge and relationships that can decrease carbon through these suppliers in a cost-effective way, whether it be transport, activities or venues.


Positive Impact

We believe we should leave a positive lasting impact on the destination we visit. We do this by working closely with a number of companies to incorporate CSR projects into the program and give back to the community.

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Need a sustainable approach to your next incentive trip?

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