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Sustainable Conference & Awards

A 2-day conference and celebration marking the 10 year anniversary of a mobile game.

The Challenge

We were tasked with gathering 100+ members of our client’s team from across 5 European countries for a two day conference and awards evening to celebrate their game's 10th anniversary. Set for February, our focus was on creating a seamless delegate experience while ensuring the event was as sustainable as possible.
In order to bring some of the game characters to life, the client wanted to host the event in venues whose architecture boasted castle-like features.

The Approach

We began by sourcing sustainable venues within 1 hours’ travel from London with great train links to reduce the need for individual transfers. These venues had to be able to host the event in addition to supporting our sustainability initiative through their own credentials.
The client selected 2x venues for the event. De Vere Horsley Estate to host conference and accommodation, and Farnham Castle to host the celebratory evening awards. Following this, the Zentive team launched registration and managed flight, train, and accommodation bookings, arranged transfers, secured meeting spaces, and crafted the awards dinner setup, including stage, set, step and repeat wall, and post-awards DJ.
Throughout the planning, we collaborated closely with suppliers to implement sustainable practices, enabling us to calculate and produce our carbon emissions report efficiently.

A conference in theatre style

The Result

From 19 – 22 Feb 2024, 93 attendees from 5 European Countries descended on Horsley Estate. Each country was booked onto the same flights and were provided with return electric transfers between the airport and the venue. Using electric transfers instead of standard petrol vehicles reduced the carbon emissions for the transfers by 63%. 
All attendees from London were booked onto trains arriving at the same time to allow for the organisation of 1 electric coach transfer which further reduced travel-related emissions. These coaches were also used for travel between the conference venue and the gala dinner, further aligning with our all electric travel objectives.
In a bid to broaden accessibility, we integrated a hybrid component enabling the main plenary content and 6x breakout rooms to be streamed to a virtual audience.
At Farnham Castle, guests enjoyed a picturesque entrance, complete with lanterns and a red carpet. Sustainability took the spotlight with eco-conscious menus and pre-selected dinner options to prevent food waste. 
The awards ceremony ran smoothly and 21 awards were efficiently delivered in a timely manner accompanied by photography and videography to capture each moment. 
Feedback highlighted the stunning venues and flawless logistics, making the event a resounding success.

An aerial shot of event attendees enjoying dinner.
Tropical Leaves

Need a sustainable approach to your next event?

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