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3 is the magic number

How to produce an incentive program with CSR, Technology and Sustainability at the heart of its values.

We’re pretty confident that you’ve heard of climate change, and if you haven’t, then where have you been?! With the dust settling on #COP26 and we enter a hopeful new year, it seems the right time to introduce to you the 3 core values that live at the heart of Zentive – CSR, Technology and Sustainability. And when it comes to delivering incentive programmes (or any event) you’ll soon come to realise that you should be bearing all 3 in mind to improve ROI in addition to looking after the environment.

First off, due to the CO2 emissions associated with the aviation fuel, completely sustainable tourism is currently very difficult to achieve. We wish there was an alternative, and soon there may well be one - check out the recent news on Rolls-Royce and their first test flight with 100% sustainable fuel.

For the time being, there are carbon offset programmes available to reduce your footprint in addition to many incentive-worthy locations within a shorter travel distance that are accessible via trains such as the Eurostar emitting up to 90% less emissions than a commercial aircraft. Read for yourself here.

Although we are still in two minds about carbon offset programs as it provides an excuse rather than tackling the problem itself (why pay to offset your carbon when you can just not emit it in the first place, right?), it is better than doing nothing when there is no alternative.

But back to our focus on the main theme of this blog, read on to find out how we encourage the use of our 3 core values within each incentive we produce.


People giving out food on a CSR activity.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a key factor of each incentive we’re involved in. What can be better than visiting a location and directly giving back to the community?

Whether you are visiting London, Paris, Amsterdam or somewhere exotic such as Mexico or the Bahamas, there are plenty of ways to give back to the local community and those in need.

Giving back to the community can seem like a topic that isn’t necessarily a key product of your incentive. However, this is where you are wrong. No one enjoys ‘forced fun’ in the form of team building tasks in a conference room. So why not take them out and about within the community and get yourselves involved in building wheelchairs, cooking for the homeless, gardening for a community project or building schools for those in need.

It doesn’t matter on the location you decide to host your incentive in, we can help contribute to your company CSR policy through active community team building.

On top of all this, our range of activities are engaging and fulfilling which supports the mental health and wellbeing of those taking part – because who doesn’t enjoy lending a helping hand to those in need?


A group of ladies doing yoga on a beach.

Here at Zentive we utilise cutting-edge technology to increase attendee engagement, improve health & safety, achieve greater data reporting and complement our sustainable practices. This technology is integrated into our events to create a seamless experience.

We use a variety of tech tools within our events, and can help you use these to develop yours. Whether you need some advice on event technology, add on a piece of tech to your event, or need your whole event managed with technology integrated throughout, we can help!

From the initial planning stages through to post-event reporting, technology plays a pivotal role in how we operate as a business. Through using Carbon Calculation tools and Sustainable process, technology aids us in streamlining your event planning experience to both lighten the work load for our clients and ensure the project is on track.


A hand cupping soil and a plant.

Sustainability has been a hot topic as of recently, and so well it should be. The time to act on reducing our carbon emissions is well overdue and the increased media coverage should hopefully encourage others to act now. The event industry is a bit of a culprit in this department due to the large amount of food waste, flights and energy usage. The pandemic has helped reduce these significantly, and we at Zentive want to continue the effort.

We use sustainable event practises and proactively think of reducing carbon emissions at every step of the event planning process. Whether it be using eco-conscious suppliers, utilising technology to reduce waste or having conversations that lead to a more environmentally friendly outcome, we do our bit to ensure your event is as sustainable as possible.

On top of this, as a business we do our bit for the environment by having quarterly sustainability audits and contributing 1% of our profits to renewable energy projects. Even our office equipment and company clothing is sustainable!

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