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West Yorkshire Innovation Festival

Now in its third year, the West Yorkshire Innovation Festival gathers businesses, entrepreneurs from various age groups and backgrounds, along with experts, to facilitate the sharing of resources, provide support, and spotlight the innovative endeavours taking place throughout the region. 

The Challenge

Zentive was tasked with producing the West Yorkshire Innovation Festival to showcase and celebrate innovation across the region. Consisting of 28 events across 5 days, the client was looking for streamlined event management with a heavy focus on logistical organisation.

West Yorkshire has consistently served as a hub of innovation, witnessing ground-breaking discoveries and transformative practices that have played a pivotal role in driving our economic success and prosperity.

To ensure the event's success, the client entrusted us with the comprehensive management of crucial aspects: Website Build & Management, Venue Sourcing & Management, Logistics, and the overall communication of the event partners.

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The Approach

Our team initiated the project with a focus on designing an intuitive and engaging event website. Using the clients brand guidelines and design principles, we created a responsive and user-friendly interface. Key features included a schedule overview, as well as a detailed page on each confirmed event.  


Choosing the right venue is paramount for a successful event. We conducted a thorough analysis of potential venues, considering factors such as capacity, location, sustainability, and amenities. Negotiating favourable terms, we secured venues that aligned with the client's vision. Our ongoing venue management involved coordinating logistics, liaising with on-site staff, and ensuring all technical requirements were met. 


Logistical efficiency was a top priority in our event management strategy. We crafted a detailed logistics plan encompassing the events we were delivering full event management on which included; equipment setup, branding, registration management, catering, and audio-visual arrangements. Our team collaborated closely with vendors and third-party service providers to guarantee seamless execution. By addressing potential challenges proactively, we ensured a flawless experience for both organisers and attendees. 


To streamline the registration process, we developed custom registration websites. Real-time analytics provided the client with valuable insights into attendees and registration numbers ahead of the event allowing them to adapt their marketing plan to target the right audience for each one. 

The Result

28 events took place seamlessly across the 5 districts of West Yorkshire (Bradford, Calderdale, Kirklees, Leeds & Wakefield) throughout the week of 13-17 November 2023. Each one was added to the festival website and promoted through the network.

A number of events were developed on an end-to-end event management plan by Zentive Agency including:
-    AI in the Creative Industries
-    Digital Inclusion (Virtual Event)
-    Supercharging West Yorkshire’s Global Healthtech Sector
-    West Yorkshire Innovation Network Meet-up

The events were a resounding success, with positive feedback from both attendees and stakeholders. The website garnered high traffic, and the processes we implemented saw a significant uptick in efficiency from previous years. Our venue choices received acclaim for their accessibility and amenities. The meticulous logistics planning resulted in a seamless flow of events, contributing to an overall positive experience for all involved.

“Thank you so much for all your help making our idea for the event into a reality! Really appreciated your support with the planning and logistics, hope to work with you again sometime!”

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