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Team Offsite Retreat

A team retreat complete with virtual reality adventures, interactive dining, and scavenger hunts deep in the heart of London.

The Challenge

To create a varied and exciting away day in Central London. The team had not been together in person since the pandemic and therefore the event required exciting activities, workshops, and offsite dinners to foster creativity, team bonding and celebrations. As the majority of attendees were based in London, this was chosen as the destination to reduce travel-related emissions although there would be some flights.

The Approach

For ease and to reduce further travel requirements, the hotel, offsite dinners and activities were sourced and selected within walking distance to the meeting space in Soho. Ground transfers were removed, and attendees took public transport to further decrease the event’s carbon footprint.

One of the team building activities was proposed to be taken outside around London to give delegates a change of environment. Another team building activity was proposed to be undertaken within a virtual world to provide a more surreal change of environment.

Offsite dinners were proposed nearby the meeting space with one taking place inside an interactive games room, complete with games consoles, karaoke and an arcade game table with over 2000 games!

The Result

On day one, a small number of international arrivals flew in and met the rest of the London-based team for a welcome dinner in a semi-private area in a central Soho BBQ restaurant. 

The next day, a focused workshop was delivered in the morning before the group were split into teams to source items around London’s west end in a scavenger hunt facilitated by iPads. Teams moved from location to location guided by clues and had to undertake a variety of tasks including augmented reality, photo missions, and video challenges.

After winners were announced, the second activity of the day involved entering a virtual world through advanced immersive virtual reality suits. Each team had different experiences. Some completed in pulse-pounding minigames inspired by Squid Games, where some fought dragons and explored castles in an epic fantasy adventure.

The day concluded by enjoying sushi and Japanese-inspired fare in a private games room, playing classic arcade and singing karaoke.

Another workshop started day three before delegates departed feeling inspired, refreshed and motivated.

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Need a sustainable approach to your next event?

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