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Top 5 sustainable event suppliers in the UK

One of the best and most proven ways to run a sustainable event or incentive program is by using suppliers that place a strong focus on sustainability. As event managers, we use an assortment of suppliers that range from audio visual experts to transportation providers to ensure the smooth delivery of an event.

Our suppliers are very important to us as they form part of the project team and are essential to the success of the event. To guarantee that success is also from a sustainability point of view, we work with those that share the same vision and values as us.

We wanted to highlight some of the sustainable suppliers across the different elements of an event and what they do to stand out from the rest.

Sustainable Transport: Westway Coaches

Westway Coaches pride themselves on being the first, largest, and at present, only operator of private fully electric coaches in the UK. They have four 48 – 51 seaters that include features such as half leather reclining seats, LED lighting, 4G wifi and air conditioning/heating systems to name a few. Produced by a Chinese manufacturer called Yutong, who are the largest manufacturer of coaches globally, these coaches produce 470 horsepower from a battery capacity of 281Kwh. They also feature regenerative braking, similar to the KERS using in Formula 1 cars where the kinetic energy recovered from braking is recirculated back into power, extending the vehicles range. Westway Coaches also use a rapid charger on site that is used mostly to charge the coach, which is powered by 100% renewable energy supplier.

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Sustainable Catering: Eden Caterers

Eden Caterers are committed to following, improving and promoting good sustainability practices throughout their activities. Having been awarded the Made Good Rating of 3 Stars by the Sustainable Restaurant Association, they consider their sustainability principles in all business decisions. Some of the few things they do include using seasonal produce when possible, sending no waste to landfill (as everything is recycled), minimising water and energy use, ensuring their fish is sustainably sourced and MSC certified and keeping their own bees. On top of this, the food is delicious. We can’t wait to try out their summer menu, arriving on Monday 30th May!

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Sustainable Initiative: Event Cycle

Event Cycle is an innovative initiative created to repurpose and redistribute items from events you no longer need to charities and community groups as well as back into the events industry. Since forming, Event Cycle has gone from strength to strength, working with some of the top agencies in the UK to help them navigate the leftover waste from events, shows and storage clearances. Last year, Event Cycle was contracted to work on COP 26, consulting with every workstream to reduce waste in the first instance, design differently and embrace sustainable practices, materials and processes to make sure no item went to landfill where possible. The items repurposed by Event Cycle during the event were distributed throughout the city of Glasgow to schools, community groups, charities and social enterprises.

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Sustainable Signage: Designs Signage Solutions

Designs Signage offer signage with a tension fabric system that works by having fabrics with silicone edges to hold them within the frame. What makes this a sustainable product, unlike many other tension fabric frames on the market, is that it can be taken apart with no damage to the frame. The frame can then be used to replicate the same structure elsewhere or repurposed to be used in a different structure. De-rigging and installing the signage does no damage to the product so it can be reused multiple times, and the flat pack nature means it can be transported by smaller vehicles thus reducing CO2 emissions.

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Sustainable Audio Visual: CSP

CSP AV looks at sustainability in a number of ways to ensure they deliver high quality AV production whilst reducing their impact on the environment. They have reduced their consumption of energy, materials and waste creation, including using and supplying more energy efficient equipment, donating old equipment which is no longer in use and ensuring materials are beneficial to multiple clients and projects. As with Zentive, CSP also know that the benefits in knowledge sharing as all CSP staff strive to help suppliers and customers make better, more sustainable decisions.

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If you are looking to run your next event in a sustainable way, we would love to help. Get in touch with us at

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