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Leadership Offsite Retreat

A 3 day retreat bringing a senior leadership team to the refined private member's club Soho Farmhouse for meetings and activities.


The Challenge

To bring a small group of senior leaders to an exciting venue to foster team bonding, collaboration, and strategic planning in a refreshing and inspiring environment. The chosen venue should serve as a backdrop for meaningful discussions, brainstorming sessions, team-building activities, and offer a blend of comfort, luxury, and tranquility. There was also a very short lead time of 6 weeks from brief to execution.

The Approach

Due to the short lead time, Zentive had to act quickly to secure the perfect venue. After reviewing several luxury options, Soho Farmhouse was selected as it aligned perfectly with the goals of the event and offered luxury and tranquility in the heart of the Cotswolds. The illustrious Farmhouse cottage was selected for both accommodation and the meeting space for the event.


A luxury Mercedes Sprint bus was booked to collect the attendees from London, bringing them deep into the Cotswold for the retreat.


Several activities were arranged during the event to break up the meetings including a cocktail making workshop and a relaxed yoga session.


The Result

The group were whisked away to the Cotswolds early in the morning via a luxury Mercedes Sprint bus.


Attendees were greeted with refreshments on arrival before moving to the Glasshouse for a focused meeting. Once concluded, a cocktail making workshop was put on before guests checked into the Farmhouse and indulged in Japanese delicacies at the renowned Pen Yen restaurant.


The second day started with breakfast at leisure and a full day of sessions. A relaxing yoga session by the boathouse concluded the day before dinner at the Hay Barn restaurant.


After a final day of meetings, guests were brought back by minibus to London.

Tropical Leaves

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