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Marine Conservation Project


Barcelona (Spain), or Lisbon (Portugal)


1 - 7 Days

Marine Conservation Project

Image by Alexander Abero


The Mediterranean basin is more challenged by marine litter than other regions in Europe. Due to multiple factors such as a high coastal population density, tourism, and inadequate waste management, it produces some of the greatest amount of annual rubbish per capita. A large majority of plastic waste finds its way to the sea via drains, rivers, sewage and storm water outlets, as well as being blown by heavy winds and swept out with the tide. With the rise in global plastic production from 15 million tonnes in 1964 to 314 millions tonnes in recent years, the problem with single use plastic waste has become serious. Clean up operations like this one are very much a part of the solution, and are on the rise.

This project offers you the chance to make a difference by supporting the team on the ground who offer diving tuition, whilst simultaneously cleaning up their local part of the Mediterranean. Learn to dive, or utilise using your existing skills in these lovely tepid waters. Contribute to eradicating this plastic epidemic, improve your Spanish, make like-minded friends, and enjoy exploring some of the best cities in Europe.

Eco-Accommodation is provided for the project along with meals.

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