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Baan Bang Rong Agricultural Conservation


Phuket, Thailand


3 Hours

Baan Bang Rong Agricultural Conservation

Image by Alexander Abero


An old community with almost two centuries of history, Bang Rong is cradled by mountains and the sea. Gifted with natural abundance and rich ecosystems, the local way of life is tied to agriculture and fishery, making this community a prime destination for guests who wish to explore nature and the simple traditional livelihood.

Bang Rong offers ecotourism activities centering around the community’s conservation agriculture, such as visiting farms and where the local products are produced, such as Phuket pineapples, coconuts, rubber, and some of Phuket’s best goat milk. Visit the community’s conservation area where the community preserves the mangrove forest in the area and its surrounding ecosystem to protect both the natural abundance and the community’s way of life.

Learn to cultivate rubber tree, learn how to harvest coconut, make local southern snack Kanom Ko and taste fresh from plantation Phuket pineapple.

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